Freemasons Control the “Justice” System — May 1, 2015

Speaking from personal experience, Rahul Manchanda describes how the Illuminati use the justice system to persecute political dissidents. He says domestic violence, child support and hate crime laws are applied selectively to entangle and defeat people who resist NWO tyranny. As the situation worsens, more people may find themselves in his position.

by Rahul Manchanda and Henry Makow — May 1, 2015

The sinister Freemason has replaced the Goddess with the impartial scales of Justice

Not all frontline judges in the US are Freemasons but senior judges are. They ensure Freemasons are favored and verdicts follow the agenda.
A judge will often blanch when he sees a Masonic ring on a lawyer’s finger and will rule in his favor. Masons also network using secret passwords, hand signs and handshakes.
Women judges are often members of the Eastern Star. The feminist agenda is synonymous with Freemasonry.
Freemasons/Illuminati generally hand-pick federal and state judges. The federal judiciary is swollen with former senior law partners whose main clients were the big banks and corporations. These judges are often placed on cases involving judicial or governmental abuse. They are generally wealthy white or Jewish males who went to elite schools with no real interest in civil and human rights violations.
Similarly, small state court judges are selected by Feminist and Race-Baiting movements, who function as a type of legally sanctioned mafia, intimidating those few honest judges and opposing counsel routinely. They go after political dissenters and opposition, silencing those US Citizens whom they deem to be antithetical or enemies of the state.
Masons choose minority candidates as judges because, like President Obama, it is virtually impossible to accuse a minority judge of racism, discrimination, violating ones civil liberties and human rights etc.


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