X-Men Declare Gays Will Not Tolerate Straights

Sexual Perverts- The New Militants
Introduction — May 2, 2015

X Men poster. Click to enlarge

Before you dismiss the claim that ‘mutants’ in the X-Men franchise movies are a metaphor for sexual perverts consider the following.
Although it’s not mentioned in the article below it should be noted that the X-Men franchise director, Bryan Singer, has been accused of drugging and sexually molesting an underage teenage boy. In a lawsuit filed last year it was claimed that Singer used “his power, wealth and position in the entertainment industry” to manipulate and sexually molest an underage teenage boy with “drugs, alcohol and threats”.
Although thus far he is the only one to have filed a lawsuit, the plaintiff claims he was not the only victim. Nor was Singer alone, he was part of a group of entertainment industry big shots who routinely preyed upon young boys, his alleged victim says.
The end result, the plaintiff claims “was catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries“. We reserve judgement on the allegation and on the case itself but it gives added perspective to what follows. Ed.

by Aspen — (henrymakow.com) May 2, 2015

According to World News Daily, Queers are coming into their own with respect to militant behavior.

X Men star Ian McKellen is also a campaigner for ‘gay rights’

“Death threats and overt physical violence have been committed against some Christians who refuse to bend on their beliefs….This is a form of nasty religious discrimination by gay-marriage proponents that can and is ruining the literal livelihood of some religious believers…And it’s coming from people who claim to be fighting for gay marriage in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.’…’Their unspoken mantra is, ‘We will intimidate and we will manipulate until you capitulate.’
“‘Those who are militant will not be satisfied as long as it is perfectly legal for us NOT to affirm same-sex ‘marriage’.”
The X-MEN franchise — both the comic series and especially the film series — was set up as a deliberate and precise metaphor for sexual and genetic liberty. The sexually perverse are painted as hyper-powerful (both fictionally and non-fictionally) because of their “pre-destined” ability to be breakers with divinely-mandated tradition… but at the same time, they are presented as overtly and violently hostile to all others.

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