Blood Donations: Where Discrimination is Justified — May 3, 2015

Blood donation is another area where homosexuality represents a clear and present danger to society.
In Canada, gays represent the vast majority of HIV cases. Yet, a gay man can donate blood if he hasn’t had sex with another man for five years. A sexually inactive gay man is extremely rare. And we’re supposed to take his word?
Discrimination is necessary to protect the healthy from the sick.

Reality May 2015 — Real Women of Canada

The Canadian Blood Services has the responsibility of protecting the public. It is not acceptable that homosexual activists endanger public safety by demanding that this agency use blood taken from sexually active gays be used in transfusions.
The Canadian Blood Services has declined to do so for the all too obvious reason that homosexual sexual acts are particularly risky.
For example, in Canada, men comprise 75% of all HIV cases, and of those, 64% are men who have sex with men.
The next most HIV prevalent male category is intravenous drug users, but they consist of only 12% of HIV carriers. Even though homosexuals make up a tiny minority of the Canadian population, they still represent 50% of all new HIV cases–i.e., they are identified as one of the most likely groups to have HIV.

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