Imágenes simbólicas del mes 05/15

By VC — Vigilant May 4, 2015

In this edition of SPOTM : Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Azelia Banks and a bunch of other sorry people ready for anything to stay in the spotlight.

This cover of Cosmopolitan magazine looks like a parody of Cosmopolitan magazine. I mean, just read the ridiculous headlines on it. Even more ridiculous is Madonna looking like an Beta Kitten going to an Illuminati masked orgy.

One eye hidden by a strategically placed hat. I won’t even comment on the rest of that outfit.

Speaking of one-eye, it appeared literally everywhere in the past weeks. Here’s Lindsay Lohan (who might be an actual Beta Kitten) doing the All Seeing Eye inside a triangle at a Kanye West concert. She was so proud of this picture that she posted on Instagram. Sad.

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