To Leave a Luminous Legacy

Visible Origami — May 3, 2015

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
(some) (Both) humans and dogs love to play well into adulthood, and individuals from both species occasionally display evidence of having a conscience.
We all leave some kind of a legacy, whether we intend to or not; whether we want to or not and no matter how we might scheme and connive to have the record altered, expunged or rendered harmless to us while we are still here, our efforts are in vain. If justice and judgment do not find us here, they will find us elsewhere. One of the biggest illusions presently going in the world of today is that one can become too powerful to touch or too big to fail. That is especially false in this particular time period; the apocalypse at the transiting cusp of the Aquarian Age. We are in that time that can be best defined as, “out with the old and in with the new.”
Our legacies develop over time and they can be complex and contradictory, when viewed from different angles and at different time, and one can definitely come to different conclusions, depending on one’s perspective. Let us state for the purposes of argument that you are either a believer in the existence of the divine or an atheist. That would certainly color the way you see things. It would affect your areas of inquiry and it could certainly affect the way you speak and act. I will not imply that atheists are, as a rule, people of questionable morality. You can find scoundrels and hypocrites on both sides of the fence and many atheists like to present themselves as individuals of high moral character just to show that you don’t need god to be a decent human being.
I’ve put some study into the workings of the minds of atheists and nearly without exception, it comes down to opinions formed on the subject of religion and only incidentally has it got anything to do with the divine. Most of the time, those denying the existence of a supreme being are under the influence of Bitch Materialism and it has something do do with the need to displace the supreme authority with one’s own personal authority. We’ve heard the term, ‘ego trip’. This qualifies as one of the most unfortunate expressions of the type because the power to do anything comes from the source of all power. This specifically means all things good, all things bad and all of the chiaroscuro shades of gray in between.
Nothing I say here has to do with presumptions or assumptions on my part. Any astute student of metaphysics knows that these points are proven and pretty much everything else said here is taken from long standing traditions, stated in enduring scriptures, handed down over the course of time and ultimately sourced from those divinely inspired oracles, known as ‘the rishis’. Everything we know of true religion and spiritual teachings, comes from these legendary teachers. They may have arrived to us through different vehicles but any and all of it comes from the same place. Whatever the rishis had came from the same place. There is one source for it all. Argue, if you like. Dance with the angels on the head of a pin, if you like. Spin convoluted philosophical theorems that put you in a profound intellectual light, if you like. Dress up in ridiculous robes and funny hats and rule the false light of the world with a scepter of darkness, if you like. It matters not and comes to no eternal place or state of being. It’s just chatter. It’s the voices in the wind of hungry ghosts and sundry, who imagined that they would find that desirable thing; “the most fabulous object in the world” by the force of their own borrowed will and borrowed powers. It is the same sad, perpetuating tale that has come down the ages for long, long beyond the grasp of recorded history.
All of these impostors and poseurs become aged and enfeebled in their time. All those magicians who convinced themselves that they had found the keys of Solomon, wind up like Crowley who said, near the end of his life, with his magic wand gathering dust on a shelf, “I am perplexed.” He’s still got thousands and thousands of followers around the world, as deluded but not nearly as accomplished as he was.
He left his legacy. We all do. In most cases that legacy is very short lived, scarcely longer than the presently green leaves on the trees that in a few months will be blown down the sidewalks and into the gutters, or fall upon the forest floors, to be later covered by the leaves of the following season, as they in their turn will also be covered and then rendered back into earth. The meanest of life forms work within that process of returning those leaves and other formerly living forms back into fertile earth. The worms and other sightless creatures crawl in and out of the eye holes of the skulls of the forgotten.
Solomon, allegedly, possessed not only a great deal of wisdom but also knowledge and command of invisible forces. He knew that he was going to die on a Saturday and because of this, he began to spend the entire day in prayer. It is to be presumed that he knew the lord would not claim him under those conditions. So, the lord, being ever perspicacious, sent an angel to distract him and that was it. Ah… the things you can discover, when you read the secret histories that bears so little resemblance to the manufactured garbage that bears so little resemblance to the truth.
Most everyone has heard of St. Augustine when you think about sinners who became saints but there are many examples. Here’s a little anecdotal tale; “At age 12, the future St. Mary (c.344-c.421) ran away from home to Alexandria, the most exciting city in the Roman Empire. She became an accomplished seductress, who took special pleasure in corrupting innocent young men. Once, on a whim, she joined a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. By the time the ship reached its destination, Mary had seduced the entire crew and all of the pilgrims. In Jerusalem she realized the enormity of her sins, went to confession, then spent the rest of her life as a hermit in the desert.” There are plenty more and this is just from the Christian end. If you take the trouble to explore the subject, you will find that examples proliferate through every faith. This brings me back to, “Be ye hot or cold. If you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth.”
These are all legacies. They are also examples for the purpose of demonstration to remind you that it is never too late until it is too late and it might not even be too late then either. I don’t want to set hard parameters because… fundamentally, I don’t know.
When I was 16, I remember being in a library and at that time I was going through the works of Aldous Huxley and others that I forget at the moment. I had one of those “ah ha!” moments It entered into my mind that these writers were leaving footprints for me and that we all leave footprints and that the best possible motive is to leave good footprints because we are all leading someone somewhere, just as we are being led. We all influence each other for good or ill and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference until the results set in. The results are our legacy and sometimes, as evidenced by those great sinners who became great saints, our legacy can travel over strange landscapes, once again for the purpose of demonstration and inspiration. It is really inspiring to note that there are those who have fallen to depths that we have not and will not approach and… that have risen to heights beyond anything we presently know and… that all of this is possible for any one of us.
I write this posting today to encourage us all to forget about past failings, no matter how grievous we might imagine them to be. We measure everyone, ourselves included, according to our own imperfect standards. Only the ineffable knows what anything means and what is really going on. We just make it up as we go along, based on our own collection of victories and injuries. It’s a totally subjective merry go round and it confines us within the borders of our assumptions about what is right and what is wrong. We don’t really know anything. We only know that which we have convinced ourselves of. In every stage of our lives our perspectives are altered. It’s a slow process that is driven by our experiences and the judgments we make on them, or have made on them through the pressure of social conformity that we feel obliged to conform to. One day the hawk is on the wing and then the snow falls. One day we look around us at the budding plants and we note that spring has arrived. We never seem able to demarcate the actual moment of change. Of course, occasionally something really dramatic happens and we are changed in an instant, like Paul on the road to Damascus. The whole world is on the doorstep of just such an event at this time. This is not to say that the whole world will advantage itself of this tremendous opportunity. Time will tell and we shall see but it’s here.
One day we are young and one day we are old. The young mock the old and the old resent the young upon whom youth is wasted. So much is wasted so often and over such a length of time. That is a legacy too. I wasted a lot of time, or else I convinced myself I did but it’s not the country you passed through. It’s the land you arrived in. I think something similar got said here very recently. Leave a fine legacy. Follow a greater legacy than your own.
End Transmission…….
Last week’s video radio broadcast is now up and tomorrow’s radio show will be up tomorrow evening. Once again I apologize for having to clear my throat so often. This happens when I have to record early in the day and that is often the case due to my present location; at least as far as ‘live’ goes.




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