Value Received for those Deceived or True Value Comprehended

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 1, 2015

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
The dog is the only animal that has seen his god.
Ah… the sad tedious spectacle of it all. What an embarrassment it is cosmically to have achieved fame in this time zone. What an enduring sorrow to be rich and powerful in this time because… all three of these come at a lasting cost because all of these could have only been gained by a capitulation with the temporary powers of this age, which are assuredly satanic in composition, intention and action.
There’s a boxing match on Saturday with the highest gate and profit line of all time. The cheapest seats are somewhere around 3800 dollars and ringside is 380,000 dollars. The cable TV price is 89 dollars. This is what you will pay to watch two scholars pound the shit out of each other. Celebrities are bragging about betting a quarter of a million dollars and some are betting millions according to claims made in the media. A bar showing the fight must pay around 5,000 dollars; lots of bread for a high end circus. They are saying there is an app called Periscope where people can stream the fight if they have it for nothing. Imagine someone who paid 380,000 for ringside with their cellphone working the scene. It’s a little freaky. Would they throw someone out who paid that kind of money… or tell them to shut it off? These are crazy times. Give me that new time religion!
So many of us think ourselves to be smart, lucky or privileged because we climbed to the top of a pyrite plated garbage heap. So intoxicated are they that they do not notice the smell. They do not notice the atmosphere and they do not see the precarious perch of their position. They are upside down and backwards and we must be upside down and backwards to them; walking contrary to all the things they engage themselves in. What a pipe dream it all is and how quickly it goes away. Then the dreamers awaken in a desolate field, with no company but the most undesirable imaginable, besides of course, one another.
We might look at this sort of thing as being the sort of ignorance that manifests in primitive locations. In less than primitive locations we have sophisticated ignorance. The one certainty about ignorance is that it is not self informed. To be self informed is to be free of ignorance. This does not mean to be beyond delusion but it does mean that one can be conscious of their delusions, the same way that one might be aware that they are dreaming but not be awake. Some of us know that we are dreaming and the means by which one awakens is to adopt the attitude of someone underwater in a desperate search for oxygen. Believe me on this account. It is only with the proper intensity and consistency of purpose that one can acquire the means for awakening.
People are concerned about chemtrails and poisons in their food and water. They should be far more concerned about the dream dust that lands on their eyes and the poisons in their minds because unless this is dealt with, there is little hope of dealing with the other. The primary objective, it seems to me, is to discover what illusions one labors under and to also discover the methodology of escape from them. Until one accepts the certainty that they are being deceived on a regular basis, one has little chance of being in a position to counter this. You may be sure that those who think they are in control of our lives are employed at maintaining their advantage 24/7. They have the will, the means, the motive and the opportunity to do this and any fool can see, by simply looking around them, that this is so. Take a look at the world. Take a look at the world.
The reason that one is in a position to be deceived, is due to the truth that one has deceived themselves. This is the primary concern of anyone who is concerned to begin with. Until one is committed to exposing themselves to themselves, they will be the perpetual victim of their own creative machinations to continue to deceive themselves and by extension, everyone they come into contact with. This is how the so called elite maintain their seeming advantage over our lives. They are well aware of the human propensity for self deception and they take advantage of it to their extreme profit. Don’t be a fucking tool!!! Do you not believe this to be true? Take a look around you.
It really does come down to your level of commitment. Half measures get inconsistent results and it is human nature to be inconsistent and why is that? It is because certain attractive energies are directed at specific centers in your being. There is a massive advertising campaign going on to draw your attention to the satisfaction of your appetites. It begins from the moment you are lifted out of your cradle and you crawl across the floor to the noise and imagery of the television. The motivation of television is to capture your attention and focus it upon the satisfaction of your appetites and this is achieved through endless product placement as well as dramas, comedies, thrillers and mysteries that are all composed of plot dances that display the interplay of people acting out upon their desires. These performances are always choreographed to focus the attention on pedestrian attractions. Certain subjects are generally excluded and when they are not, they are warped to give an erroneous picture of what is and what is not. This is the purpose of organized religion. This is the job of government. This is the objective of commerce. None of these have your best interests at heart and so long as you live in subjugation to the programming that any and all of them have conferred on you, it is just for that long that you will be living a life of quiet desperation.
It’s not for everyone; this curious course of which I am speaking. Take a look around you. One of the first things that one must be prepared to accept is their aloneness. The truth is that we are always alone and the truth is that there are so many things that we must experience alone. Yes, some of us are born twins and some of us die in group circumstances. We often travel in crowds. This is not what I am talking about. That is also an illusion. Look at the stars in the sky and comprehend their message to you. One day you might well be one. A star is one that has rubbed continuously against the darkness of the manifest, until they have worn a hole in it. Limitless light shines everywhere beyond the darkness of this world. You would see it this very moment if it were not for your mind hosting the same darkness.
Our most consistent and continuing illusion is our perception of ourselves. We do not know who we are. If we had any idea of who we really are, we would not spend so much time demeaning ourselves in the pointless ad infinitum of the world’s ongoing confinements. We have willingly imprisoned ourselves in a matrix of cycling madness, This is how Christianity morphed into “Onward Christian Soldiers.” This is how governments moved from freedom into tyranny. This is how commerce went from the fair exchange of goods and services for reasonable compensation, to a collective enslavement of hamsters on a treadmill, whose speed relentlessly increases until they run themselves to death. Take a look at the world around you.
It is a fact that most people spend 90% of everything they have saved on medical expenses in the last year of their lives. This is made possible by the promotion of bad food, bad living conditions, bad entertainments and bad drugs. However the worst of it is that ones faith in themselves is compromised by guilt and resentment, based on having lived an unexamined life.
It all comes back to the individual not knowing who and what they are. Their sense of self has been reduced to that of a vehicle in search of sensation and appetite fulfillment. They are bound to a wheel of fire. The fire does not burn clean so it generate a great deal of smoke.
I sincerely hope each and every one of you come upon that serendipitous epiphany that burns the scales away from the eyes that one might see how it is and what it is and what it is not.
I’ll close today with a mention of Jeff Rense, who experienced an unfortunate car crash somewhere in Oregon where he lives. Apparently he is more or less okay and we wish him a speedy recovery. I don’t know Jeff or his history well enough to understand him or his life. All I know is that for the most part we have always had a more or less gracious back and forth until fairly recently. The cause of my exile from his site remains a mystery to me and as such, I am not in a position to have an opinion on the matter. What I do know is that I bear him no ill will and wish him all the best insofar as that relates to the best of him.
End Transmission…….
Last weeks 1.5 hour radio and video broadcast will be up this Saturday sometime.





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