Experts claim voters ‘said one thing and did another’ while Conservatives thank ‘shy Tories’ for shock election results

Jennifer Smith — Daily Mail May 8, 2015

A campaign’s worth of polls have been wiped out this morning as the General Election results poured in, with the once small gap between the Tories and Labour now gaping.

Surveys carried out in recent months placed the two major parties as equals with pollsters predicting a 35 per cent result for each party as recently as last night.

But a 10pm exit poll last night pushed David Cameron to the top, predicting his party would secure 315 seats.

And at 7am today, with just 45 seats undeclared, the Conservatives were on track for a sweeping majority with a 10 point lead on Labour.

While it is too early to determine exactly where the polls went wrong, experts said many voted differently to how they said they would at the last minute.

Peter Kellner, president of YouGov, told the BBC ‘people have said one thing and they did something else in the ballot box.’

‘We are not as far out as we were in 1992, not that that is a great commendation,’ he added, referring to the election which tipped Labour for victory before the Conservatives triumphed.

Others have chalked the surge in Tory support down to a silent majority of voters who have steered clear of campaign research.

Conservative MPs have already thanked ‘shy Tories’ for swaying the election in their favour, pinning their victory on groups of voters whose preferences remained unknown.

In Wales, where the party has enjoyed its biggest success for more than a decade, junior Office Minister Alun Cairns said: ‘I’ve always felt it was going to be far better than the polls suggested.

‘We’ve always seen in Wales that there are shy Tories.’

Another factor may have been previously undecided voters, with a ComRes poll on Wednesday revealing almost 40 per cent wanted to avoid a Labour-SNP coalition.

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