Freemasonry, Fraternities & Satanic Coercion — May 8, 2015

Obama and most of our political elite are thought to be Masons.

What hope is there for a society that is satanically possessed and doesn’t have a clue? Freemasonry is the Church of Satan masquerading as a fraternal organization. It is in the final stages of creating a “New World Order” that turns truth on its head, i.e. “revolution.”
In Western society, Freemasons or their “useful idiots” control all positions of authority.
Below, an anonymous contributor with first-hand knowledge of Freemasonry, describes how they destroy people who resist their control.

The Dark Design — (Abridged by

Unfortunately the average citizen is unaware of what the fraternal system is truly representative of…
The majority of fraternities and sororities are actually Masonic institutions. [They] provide a discrete network of human resources for secretive elitist groups that seek to control the larger population through hidden means.
The Greek system found on most college campuses was established by the Order of Freemasons to apply a direct influence upon society through its network of affiliated persons.
The rituals, esoteric symbols, and hand signs incorporated by collegiate fraternities and sororities are a clear indication of this connection. Greek brothers and sisters become part of a larger Masonic “family”, and will work in collusion to support Masonic efforts. To help conceal the reality of this circuitous relationship, mainstream media wizardry (largely directed by Freemasons) has effectively served to condition the public’s perception of fraternities as being merely harmless, juvenile pranksters.
The fraternal Freemason system has been working to create a “new order of the ages”, or the New World Order. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact.

Masonic affiliates. Click to enlarge

The foundation of the New World Order has already been substantially established. Members of Masonic-based organizations ( including Greek Fraternities & Sororities, Eastern Stars, Shriners, Rotary Clubs, Elks Clubs, Lions Clubs, Knights of Columbus, etc.) comprise ground-level agents working for the NWO’s platform in the United States of America. As a further deception, some members of the more entry-level affiliate organizations (such as Rotary and Lions Clubs) may not even be aware of their local group’s association with Freemasonry.


Continues …



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